Flying First Class…

Thoroughly enjoyed my gin flights at Chapter One in Inverurie!

We went for a pre-wedding anniversary dinner with my mum and dad while they were over visiting from the States. I had seen Chapter One share their new gin flights on Instagram and Facebook so I knew I had to go along!

It’s a really lovely restaurant – tastefully decorated in grey and white hues… very Instagram friendly! We were straight away provided with the gin flight menu – I was definitely more interested in that than the actual dinner menu! 🙂

So you choose what ‘class’ to travel in – I obviously chose first class! #allin

So I had the choice of Esker, House of Elrick, Teasmith, Gin Mare, Monkey 47 and Isle of Harris.

Mama went Business Class and had the choice of Rock Rose, Porters, Brockmans, the Botanist, Pickerings and Orkney Mikkelmas.

First up, business class took off…

Left to right, Pickerings garnished with lemon, Porter’s server with grapefruit and Rock Rose with orange and rosemary.

Apart from anything, how beautifully are these served?!

Of these, the Pickerings was the winner – the lemon garnish paired so well and it was absolutely delicious. Very refreshing. 

Next departure…

Left to right; Isle of Harris with orange, Monkey 47 with lime and then House of a Elrick garnished with a slice of lime also.

They’re all served with your choice of Fever Tree tonic – we went for Indian.

The House of Elrick gin is one I hadn’t tried before. It was very easy drinking, nothing particularly over powering in the flavour so very drinkable!

The Monkey 47 on the other hand does have quite a strong flavour, it’s juniper notes are predominante so the fresh garnish of lime compliments it well!

Isle of Harris… YUM! I think I have tried this one before, but I’d forgotten how good it is! Garnished with the orange was just scrumptious. I definitely savoured this one throughout my dinner!

And for food… Look at this feta, mint and tomato starter!

It was absolutely delicious, I could easily have eaten that as my main course too… But then I would have missed out on this steak…

A medium-rare fillet steak, served with wholegrain mustard new potatoes and salad with pickled onions. Highly yummy 🙂

Chapter One is a nice, intimate restaurant in Inverurie, Aberdeenshire that’s tastefully decorated and hosted by friendly staff.

Gin flighting is so much fun – it’s the perfect excuse to try different gins and garnishes that you might not have had before.

At £12 for business class or £14 for first class, you’re getting great value, high quality drinks and it’s all a bit of fun too 🙂

Where will you fly off to?!

Aimee x

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