Welcome to Aimee Talks Gin!

As you may have guessed by the not-so-subtle blog name, I’m Aimee 🙂

I’m in my twenties. I am recently married. I have lived all over the world, but I am currently settled in the North East of Scotland. I work in communications and marketing – it’s pretty much the dream job! I am a fan of food, travel (read: luxurious holidays), interiors, photography (although I’m not the best at it!), social media and GIN.

I like gin. A lot. As the craft gin market has soared, so too has my interest in the juniper juice,  seeing a regular outgoing from my bank account as I purchase new gins, stalk them on Instagram or Facebook, read reviews and enjoy a tasting or two (or more. lots more…).

I’ve created Aimee Talks Gin to give me an outlet to talk about the gins, share the new ones, review the oldies and just generally share my insight. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I do have other interests too! So you might see the odd foodie, home, lifestyle or travel post thrown in there too – just for balance (we all like a good balance… particularly in our gins 😉

I really hope you enjoy browsing the blog – please comment, share and get in touch as I’d love to hear your own opinions too.

Speak soon,